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“Living Kingdom Harvest Now” A Course For Your Course!

“Living Kingdom Harvest” Now!

A divinely inspired course that has been formed through the process of having an intimate relationship with the Father, Creator, Lord, and King (Colossians 1:11-28). The foundational and personal course for myself has become my testimony called, “The Process To Harvest”   (

So, in reality the “Living Kingdom Harvest” Now curriculum will invite the student to be intentional in participation, and to experience the organic relational & very personal transformation that comes with being an active citizen of God’s Kingdom. The mind blowing, pride deflating, strategies, and principles will naturally supernaturally shift every intentional student onto their fruitful path to destiny. It’s the Law of Kingdom DNA to flourish as God’s Kingdom Children.

Biblical References:

Genesis 22:18,  Matthew 5-7, Mark 4:28, John 14-17, (Demonstrated in Acts)

“Process To Harvest” Intro:

Remember, “The Kingdom of God” is in us (Luke 17:21) and the most joyous part about this course is that it will help organically bring the beauty of the Kingdom out of each participant according to the unique design that pleased the Creator before we were even born (Psalm 139).

The course will organically grow and form as we grow and form, because hidden answers and solutions will surface. Prosperity will be inevitable as God’s Kingdom triumphs through us over the kingdom systems of this world (Revelation 11:15)

The Launch:

Pre-enrollment is ready and the start dates will be staggered. The reason being is because of the focus areas of the curriculum:

Limited Kick Off Bonus Launch:

For the first 100 single course enrollments only. For everyone called to touch and change someone else’s lif(Destiny Helper Enrollment) with their purchase will automatically give access to a Future World Changer. I call this the “Perfect Match Made From Heaven” (Nehemiah, Isaiah 58:12). 

We all know someone, or believe that there is someone out there that if they only had the right opportunity, mentor, support, or information, their life potential would reach the sky. You, as a Destiny Helper, can support that reality. You can pick someone you know or join our FB group and begin to get to meet our community members that are longing for an opportunity like this. God Bless and thank you for your heart in this area. Join our group at

Expect Strategies, Principles, and Practices That Address::

  • Mindset & Heart Transformation 
  • Learning Secret Place Secrets!
  • Dreams & Vision Development
  • Goal Setting
  • Life Transforming Daily Practices
  • Frequent Research & Assessment
  • Identifying, Addressing, & Removing Barriers: 

Generational, Situational, Emotional, Spiritual, Systemic Poverty

  • Building Resources & Essential Relationships
  • Feet on ground assignments for success
  • Essential References
  • Job or Marketing Gift Goals & Support
  • Ally or Coaching Support
  • Transferring To Community Relationship Building?
  • Frequent Monitoring, Feedback, and Adjustments 
  • Coaching Calls & Q&As
  • Course Specific Needs & Support (Men, Women, Leadership)
  • Several other effective self development and kingdom practices
  • Igniting Volunteers

Course Sample:

“Living Kingdom Harvest” Now! Digital Curriculum!

M3 Living Kingdom Harvest Course For Men / MMM (Master’s Mighty Men)

I want to help 300 men who are ready to transition into their kingdom calling and destination for a full  potential harvest.

“A Transformation course which is a gift to a man’s personal self, or a sponsorship from a mentor, friend, or spouse”

John 4:35 Living Kingdom Harvest Course For Community Leadership

*Looking to partner with 12 Organizations or Agencies that have the vision for supporting tomorrow’s “World Changers”

“For Leaders/ Serving The People & and Communities They Love!”

W3 Living Kingdom Harvest Course For Women / WWW (Women Who Win)

I want to help many women operate in their inherited kingdom life, win many victories as found in scriptures, and take hold of their value in the earth as honorable vessels of the King

“A Transformation course which is a gift to a women’s personal self, or a sponsorship from a mentor, friend, or spouse”

God Bless!

Timothy S. Lewis


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