Mighty Weapon: Worship Warfare

Carnal vs Mighty Our Weapons of Warefare- (2Corinthians 10) “are mighty through God”   “10:3 For 1063 though we walk 4043 5723 in 1722 the flesh 4561, we do 4754 0 not 3756 war 4754 5731 after 2596 the flesh 4561:   10:4 (For 1063 the weapons 3696 of our 2257 warfare 4752 [are] notContinue reading “Mighty Weapon: Worship Warfare”

His Testimony Is Truth — Communion Table

John 19:28-37 (TLV) “28 After this, when Yeshua knew that all things were now completed, to fulfill the Scripture He said, “I am thirsty.” 29 A jar full of sour wine was sitting there, so they put a sponge soaked with the sour wine on a hyssop branch and brought it to His mouth. 30 […]Continue reading “His Testimony Is Truth — Communion Table”

STWRN🇮🇳Monthly Meeting: Prayers & Decrees From Acts 10

May God revisit the land with revival & restoration; taking the people from expectation to anticipation that a mighty move of God and harvest is at hand. Its time for living proof that the one true God is with His people! A Little Prophecy & History Reflection Malachi 1:11(KJV) “11 For from the rising of theContinue reading “STWRN🇮🇳Monthly Meeting: Prayers & Decrees From Acts 10”

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