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Opportunity: Supporting Two Harvest Fields!

Help Brother Omar

Please consider sharing the love of Christ with our family in Gambia. Many are still recovering from the rain season. This grateful brother needs our help. I have sent directly. You can send through this GoFundMe link. You are and will be Blessed for it!!!

Strong Tower World Reach Network (S.T.W.R.N, India) International, India 🇮🇳
Is soon to be official

I am in the process of consulting, processing, and guiding, through the leading of Holy Spirit a new work in India.

Pastor Rambabu Bula is my connection and partner there. We have been praying for each other for the pass 8 years, and it is time to see what God wants to do with the connection.

I am asking for support to finalize legal paper work, support for the orphans, and support for approximately 50 pastors. $10 for big bags of rice. Churches will be planted in villages abroad. Team video meetings will be held and supporters can participate. As the Lord makes a way we will proceed with the building of these new ministries.

$5, $10, $20 … will bless in a great way!

Donate here:

Or ask for other ways to donate if the Lord leads you to support this harvest field!

God Bless!!!

Timothy S. Lewis



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