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The Process To Living Kingdom Harvest Now:“Purchase The Field”

What shall we say the kingdom of God is like, or what parable shall we use to describe it? (Mark 4:30)

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“HEALED”! That’s what many of us wanted to or need to hear for ourselves or on behalf of loved ones.This may be true for many of us; who are the very children of the gracious God whom we proclaim is the great Healer. However; if we are honest, most of us often are preaching what we never or very seldom see, or experience. Can you relate? Year after year you have been faithful to church, ministry, tithing, giving, and telling everyone you can to believe and have faith in the results you don’t experience. Please don’t get offended, I know this feeling too well myself, and I suppose this may not be for you anyway.

Also like myself, maybe you have gotten some results and are hanging today’s proclamation based on your last experience, but sadly that was long ago. Evenmore; like myself (being transparent you see, don’t judge me) you can relate to this next one. You believe and trust that God is the provider, the one who makes you “the head and not the tail”, as well as the “borrower and not the lender” and so on….right? BUT, your testimony is like the roller coaster, you soon find yourself plunging downward. You are needing to borrow again, while feeling like the tail, and even worse; feeling like a beggar.

I’m a PREACHER”; but the system working against you has you begging for bread, payment for bills, and depending on struggling sheep to rise up to the occasion, and when they do….. , you fill in the blanks as we keep going down the same wilderness path of struggle. 

Can you think of the last time you just wanted to pay that debt, write that check for that struggling family, for those hungry children, for that project, that community program or charity, BUT couldn’t? Maybe it’s even more personal like those buying  your groceries. I’m the first to raise my hand, because I’ve too many times, and for way too long personally experienced the weight of the ups and downs of what I’ve been sharing.

I remember way too well the discouragement of the drought of praying for people and no healing flow. Attempt after attempt, and all I have to my account was the last healing several attempts ago. Way too well, I  remember the roller coaster ride of the ups and downs of lack and provision (no steady flow) and couldn’t comprehend it (I’m learning now about kingdom mindset shift). 

My Daughter Healed

“HEALED” (back to this)! That was just how easy it was for my daughter in that Kingdom 1st atmosphere during the service we attended in October, 2017  as we drove to Detroit Michigan. I remember that! I also remember that the  Man of God shared with us his process out of lack, as he reflected on the painful feeling of what it was like to write that check for a charity and he couldn’t do it. I related to that! 

Why am I reflecting on this at 3am in the morning when I actually finally had the opportunity to sleep in today. Well, I know this much, if you can relate to any of what I’ve been writing about, then you also are tired of the roller coaster ride. You had more than enough of lacking the experience of the Kingdom of God that is supposed to be within you and I (Luke 17:20). As one of my mentor’s says; (I’m paraphrasing) “I’m tired of Hollywood having all the money and resources; I had enough of the church supporting our projects with cake sales”.  

Shouldn’t there be a flow that comes from our midst as God’s children to accomplish more in the earth? I believe so! What if all along Jesus meant what He said? What if all along what many of us are longing for has been lying dormant? What if Jesus clearly gave us the instructions of how to release the Kingdom on the earth, and how to live from that flow of supply that comes from it. By no means have I arrived, but as I recommitted to this journey to explore (Matthew 6:33) Kingdom 1st with intention I was recently reminded of the ease of results. 

This past month has released an ease of healing, and this was the experience of my non-christian supervisor who came in to relieve me from a part time weekend shift. She shared how she has not been able to get to a chiropractor since her car accident and has been experiencing severe pain in her back and shoulder, even to the point that one day she struggled to get up. I simply asked if she believed in divine healing. She said that she heard of it, but didn’t understand. I said that’s alright, Jesus came and brought healing because He loves the world; let’s give it a shot. She agreed to prayer. I prayed, “it feels the same” she said. “Let’s give it another go” , I said. “I wasn’t able to do that before” she said, as she was beginning to feel like what is going on here? I said, “What’s wrong with going for it a 3rd time? “FATHER, let’s complete it”! As she began to test it out her movement returned and the pain went away with very little words, the King did what He said!

I REMEMBERED again! When I first became born again I would innocently experience God’s grace like this, then I got churched and unkingdomized. Well, as I recommitted to the Lord this season to pursue and learn from Him the transformational and provisional mysteries of the Kingdom, I’ve once again have been experiencing the fruit of this grace in ministry with ease. Things that I was promised 13 years ago have unfolded in a week. No lie, and I’m just moving from “The Process to Harvest” into “Living Kingdom Harvest Now”. I now have the right mindset, model, and mentors. I  have wonderful witnesses for coaches and mentors that God has connected me with and my desire has a pathway now filled with kingdom strategies and daily practices. 

Your Vision & Dreams! For me, my vision and dreams involve my family, my ministry, the people I’m called to, the “nothing is impossible with God” projects, lost souls, the broken families, the waste place towns and neighborhoods of America and the nations. Whatever your vision is, I encourage you to do whatever you have to do to get in the right flow with God. Time is short, isn’t it always when we are doing the same things over and over without any fruit (John 15). So, go and “purchase your field” (Matthew 13:44)! That’s what I heard in my spirit one day. I wasn’t completely sure what that meant for me but I sought it out. Now I’m learning what it is. 

I had to decide that “enough was enough” and set in place Kingdom 1st strategies & practices, then I began to see a different type of process and results. It’s a wonderful gradual flow that is deeply rooted and deeply set in the foundation of the very life and words of the King of the Kingdom. I long for His people to lead the Kingdom way again on the earth. I told the Lord just last night that there are too many beggars in your Kingdom and it has to stop. 

In order for this to change there has to be a change of how the Body of Christ functions in mindset, heart, will, and actions. Then we will see a flow of the results of what we preach (Matthew 6-7, John 14-17, Mk 4:28). 

Tree Growth In nature And beautiful morning lighting

So, to cut to the chase, this is how the “Process To Harvest” series transitioned into the “Living Kingdom Harvest Now” curriculum series. I understand that this might not be for everyone,  but it’s for someone. It may not be everyone’s mentor, but someone reading this can relate and you are called to be freed up to affect regions and nations, but haven’t seen the results you expected. 

Maybe you’re a student and you want a more clarity and divine direction for your purpose as you navigate the early stages of your work life (I can relate). Maybe you’re a Woman of God, and you just can’t shake yourself from  the cultural influence that is against what it means to value your true identity as a royal daughter of God. Maybe you’re a Man of God, don’t feel like it. Maybe you had enough of living down your calling, and are ready to come out of agreement with the world’s systematic declarations of manhood and now want to agree with what the King is calling you (just like Gideon, Judges 6). Maybe you are Leader  leading people, or a movement and you just know that there has to be more results. Don’t be discouraged, God has a way for us if we yield, and are willing to lay our way out before Him for examination. 

God is releasing a new grace to us now!

So here’s my question, are you willing to have a conversation with me about the “Living Kingdom Harvest Now” digital curriculum? I could sincerely use your refining feedback. I have so much more to share with you. Before I close this letter, I want you to sincerely know that this isn’t about me making a sale. This is just a part of what God is doing. This is about what our King and Father wants to accomplish in and through His people on earth as it is in Heaven. Join me in conversation concerning this movement. Don’t put it off. In box me and let’s connect. Even catch the early enrollment discounts!

 God Bless!. 


Timothy S. Lewis


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4 thoughts on “The Process To Living Kingdom Harvest Now:“Purchase The Field”

  1. ESV has a better translation of Luke 17:21: “…the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.” As opposed to being “within” a believer, the Kingdom is all around us as it was around the Pharisees to whom Jesus made this remark. I doubt he would have told them that His Kingdom was “within” them! 😄
    Note, also, in the three parables about “hidden treasure,” the “pearl of great value” and “the fish in the net,” in each case, the main actor in these parables is Father who gives His own son to redeem us who He views as pearls of great value! WE are His treasure, and He hid the process of discovery until Jesus could be revealed (i.e., the field purchased). And He is the One who will draw in His net at the end of this age and order the separation of the good from the bad.
    This is one of your best blogs I have read! Keep getting up at 3am if that is when the Spirit moves you. And keep trusting Him to provide. And I will be praying for you to gain wisdom beyond your experience as you lead these studies.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.


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